outward representations

of an internal dilemma where instinctual self-protection challenges the desire to be understood in the clarity of total disclosure...

I am deeply engaged with the human response to that which threatens the well-being of an individual, but more specifically: self-protection. In my experiences, I observe the safety of self-protection in numbers, layers, noise and an automated fight or flight mentality, all of which come together to form an ulterior, visual distraction.

My work is a discovery of material and self-awareness through frantic, semi-automatic scrawling shrouded in-between layers of a discretionary show and tell.

I seek to take cover, de-escalate and resolve; distract, protect, camouflage, escape, survive.

Kara Slamka graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater in 2013. After living in Madison, Kara moved closer to her home town and is an at the James May Gallery in Algoma, WI. She enjoys lattes and her siamese cat Nina.