Chairs & Stairs

the order of things matter;

they have a place in the past,

solidly exist in the present

and their future is dictated by these two, tense and vibrating with possibility.

I look at my creative process as a means to sort through past and present observations and experiences. In the past I was very attached to notions of concealment and I would say I am still very protective of the true, underlying nature of what drives me to create at all - what drives my work forward.

What I am currently most concerned with is placing a sense of envisioned environmental importance on recognizable forms, specifically chairs and stairs, that ultimately have an unrecognizable motive. The basic functionality of these forms provide my work with a layer of their own meaning. I tousle these forms in an implied environment that I consider to be more of a psychological landscape referencing memories through frenzied mark-making, color-blocking and (extremely) vague representational studies.

My work arrives through the constant reevaluation of layering visual information - color, line, shape, repetition- which is both unplanned and premeditated. I find a rhythm between intuition and chance that both influence everyday decision-making, which create(d) memories, and my creative process. 

I enjoy the stimulation of recognizable form amidst the finicky accumulation of my visual information for various reasons. One [being], the natural, implied narrative that begins to unfold through the placement of these chairs and stairs; domestic space, order vs. disorder, levels and floors, and once in a while, a figure. These narratives have no other solidifying elements to latch onto so they ultimately float about in a space of possibility.

As I participate in this creative exchange between


...Finding it difficult to balance between logging studio time and pursuing life outside of those four white walls littered with half finished paintings...

I feel as though I'm coming out of a slump that started around September of 2015. I'm feeling repurposed, enlivened, renewed - whatever you want to call it. What I want to strive for is that when my life does orbit outside of my studio, I maintain the same curiosity and interest in the detail of whatever it is I am doing; to keep noticing, seeing, feeling, experiencing, recounting, reconnecting, learning.

I hope I never lose interest in exploring. The world is a playground both inside and outside of the studio.